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Love it or hate it, Social Media is a major marketing tool and a must have in today's digital age. Not only do we use it to connect with loved ones, we now use it to promote businesses, share products,

and showcase our personalities!


If you are looking to give your current pages a make-over, build an effective social media marketing strategy, or are just establishing your social presence for the first time...Monoceros Creative can help!

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You have a brand, and you need a Social Media account.

You came to the right place!


Monoceros Creative will work side by side with you to create a strategy that you can start implementing immediately. Together, we will create a cohesive brand image across all of your social media platforms. Then, we will provide you with the tools you need to successfully carry out your social media strategy on your own. We will teach you how to use the platforms pertinent to your needs so that you can attain your goals!

what this includes:

  • consultation

  • analyzation of current efforts + optimization

  • styling questionnaire

  • branding one sheet & style guide

  • sample content calendar

  • step by step strategy on how to manage your social accounts

      ***option for social media management upon completion

Copy of MC Image.png
Copy of MC Image.png

starting at $1000 per month*

3 month minimum retainer

You know that Social Media is important, but you don't have the time to handle it yourself.


With this option, Monoceros Creative will take over all your Social Media needs allowing you to focus on managing your business and other important life stuff! We will stay connected and have regular communication so you still feel involved and connected to your accounts.

By utilizing a custom strategy & original content creation, we will help to get your pages noticed and create the vision you never knew you were missing while growing your following, increasing marketability, and connecting with future clients/fans!

what this includes:

  • consultation

  • analyzation of current efforts + optimization

  • styling questionnaire

  • content calendar creation with use of original curated images

  • management of community engagements

  • implemented social networking & growth strategy

  • creation of ad campaigns & rollout (if applicable)

  • monthly analytic report

*rates vary depending on number of posts/platforms

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