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Hi, I'm Kati -- a New England native now happily residing in LA.

When ever asked, "what do you do?" The best response I can give is...


I have a B.S. in Sports Medicine from Merrimack College, yet found that my true passions led me elsewhere (follow your heart, kids)! ​


Thanks to a brief period of time as a strength & conditioning coach and competing on stage in various fitness competitions, I reconnected with my inner performer. My deep inner drive and a series of synchronicities led me to become a member of the Screen Actors Guild where I now have numerous appearances in both feature films and network television.


When not acting, much of my time is spent writing, producing, and directing projects with other creatives to help bring dreams to life. Notable projects include producing the award-winning VR video game Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia (ROTU Entertainment & Media) and creating a series of Toyota commercials which were honored at Toyota's national TDA meeting.

Monoceros Creative was established to encompass all of my artistic offerings as a boutique production house specializing in digital art & media. Services include film/TV production, script writing, graphic design, and social media content creation & management. Whether it be providing entertainment or helping you to create something unique, my goal is to bring a little magic into your world -- you know, as Unicorns do. Now...

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