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Website Design & Social Media Management

Kinection is integrates everything under the spectrum of movement therapy to performance. Kinection understands that the body is a network of various systems constantly working together and holistically works to balance the body's physical, energetic, and chemical systems.

The Focus:

  • Design and create a business website and blog

  • Establish Kinection's voice and visual aesthetic to be used across all social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, & Youtube)

  • Create custom branded graphics & videos for library

  • Develop content to increase visibility and engagement

  • Use strategy and analytics to target following and growth

  • Manage marketing materials and ad campaigns

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Kinection Stories.png

Working​ with Donald Ryan Hodge of Kinection (he goes by Ryan) has been very eye opening. Aside from working together to create a marketing campaign that grew his brand, he created a mobility program for me that has left me feeling amazing in my body! Thank you Ryan! Highly recommend his services to anyone in need of fitness, rehabilitation, or body work!

The Results:

  • Increased following by 200%

  • Established consistency and brand cohesion across all social platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & YouTube)

  • Implemented key strategies with ad campaign marketing resulting in 2000+ person reach across social media platforms

  • Development of retail and residual income

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